Terms and Condition

Welcome to Resellers.pk website. The name of this website is resellers.


  1. Seller means manufacturer, importer, and distributer.
  2. Resellers means a person to resell the products of manufacturer, importer, and distributer. You also can say the resellers as buyers.
  3. Sales & Offer means the sales and offer offered by the manufacturer, importer, and distributer.

Scope of Our Website:

It’s the goal of this website to increase the B2B (business to business). This website does not gain any kind of transactions benefits/commission between the members/users of this website. We do not perform any kind of contracts and agreements between the members/user of this website.

Goal of this website:

The main goal of this website is to help people to promote their legal business.

Conditions and restrictions:

By accepting these Terms of Use through your access on our site Resellers.pk, you agree that resellers.pk may discontinue your access from the website or from any part/page of the products and services you find to reach. Reseller’s website also reserves the right to discontinue any of the products & services, which it believes to be harmful to other users/members/visitors. If we found anyone is using any other name fraudulently, we have full rights to del/remove the account of the user/member without any kind of notice/email. It’s applied to all members of any plan. (Free, Silver, Gold) or any other plan mentioned on the website.

Registration and privacy:

Use of the products & services on resellers website is subject to compliance with these Terms & Conditions. For the use of such products, services, and tools you must complete a registration form.

By accepting these Terms of Use/ Terms and conditions, you fully agree that:

The information you have provided us is true, accurate, current, and complete and your own.

It does not contain misleading, deceptive, defamatory, harassing, offensive, sexually explicit data or may be harmful to minors/members/visitors/users.

By using this website, you agree that:

The data like pictures and videos do not contain any viruses, destructive soft wares, or malware that may affect any soft wares, system, data, or personal information on our website. If we found, you are doing/performing or someone else identifies to us, we have full right to del/remove your account without any kind of notice/email/message.

It does not contain any scheme to copy or exploit the personal data of other members, users, visitors, system or databases, and listings/posts on the website.

The submission by the member/users does not breach the product listing policy or other terms and privacy policy on our website.