Who are sellers and their importance?

Who are sellers and their importance?


Seller is That Person who Sells Goods to earn profit. He sells goods in cash or on a credit basis. Seller may be a Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Merchandiser, of goods. He might be produced goods Raw materials to Finish goods.

Importance of Seller

Employment opportunities:

One of the best and biggest importance of sellers is to have a lot of jobs in every department. Pakistan faces big unemployment opportunities. So that, Seller Create a good Employment facility.

Social services:

The second-largest characteristic of sellers is that social action. Sellers create a social role for our society. Sellers play a vital role in our society. This type of service is also convenient for our society.

increase income:

One of the best & importance of the seller is that increase revenue. The first and foremost importance is that seller is that person who enhances our income.  If the Seller income is increased, then our national income is also increased.

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